Conduite Privée

Our job is to drive you!

Company specializing in passenger transportation.

Conduite Privée is a company specializing in passenger transportation, serving professionals and individuals. Our drivers are salaried, trained in road safety, ecodriving and first aid. They are professionals, and are recruited for their courtesy, attentiveness, and sense of service.

Our recent, comfortable and safe vehicles have been chosen to meet the specific requirements of our individual and professional clients.

“On the road to sérénity”

CLASSE V ET E chauffeur3

Our rates are calculated
according to your request (one-time estimate / annual flat rate)

Ecological and economical transport

Conduite Privée offers the collective transport of your employees within a radius of 300 km around Bordeaux (7 persons per vehicle). The calculation is simple, in addition to the comfort provided by our vehicles and the professional conduct of our drivers, compare different rates on a Bordeaux – Toulouse trip:

Train – single journey 7 employees: 550 euros incl. VAT (plus additional costs).
By air – single journey 7 employees: From 1400 to 2400 euros incl. VAT (plus additional costs).
Conduite Privée – single journey 7 employees:
490 € incl. VAT(door to door, no extra charge)!

Conduite Privée is an economical means of transport, allowing you to optimize your travels: comfort, direct route and “last minute” reservation.

All our staff have undergone eco-driving training, enabling us to be in compliance with ISO 26000. It defines social responsibility as “the responsibility of an organization for the impact of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, resulting in transparent and ethical behavior”.




Conduite Privée offers a wide range of services to professionals. We tailor our offer to your specific needs and propose flat rates, calculated according to the frequency of the services provided.

Transfers Airport / Train Station (radius 300 km).
Short and long distance transfers.
For executive and corporate clients.
Works councils and seminars.
Collective transportation of staff.
“Last minute” service.



Conduite Privée provides a professional service to private individuals.
Need a short or long distance transfer, or vehicles for a private event?
Contact us!

Airport / Train Station Transfers (radius 300 km).
Short distance transfers.
Long distance transfers.
Private events.
“Last minute” service.



Conduite Privée offers a range of event-specific services. We offer customized services, high-end vehicles and even classic cars.
Your company wishes to participate in an event? You are in charge of an event agency?
We will study your project in order to best meet your needs.

Celebrity transportation.
Transport for event agencies.
Prestigious events.


traveller co-conduite

Enjoy a professional driver at a lower cost.

Gather your friends, colleagues, relationships via social networks, for a concert, a sporting event, an excursion, a show, a trip with friends … and enjoy the “CoConduite“.


Peugeot Traveller

Peugeot Traveller

Peugeot Traveller provides a convivial and modular interior space. It is ideal for passenger transportation professionals. Offering flexible configuration, of seats and equipment, it accommodates, in its two lengths up to 7 persons on board, including luggage.

Mercedes Classe E

Mercedes Classe E

With its unique embedded technologies, the New E-Class reaches unequalled levels of safety and comfort, on short or long journeys. Its exterior design and luxurious interior are instantly seducing.

Mercedes Classe V

Mercedes Classe V

Thanks to its dynamism and character, the V-Class provides high passenger satisfaction. Its beautifully designed seats allow maximum flexibility and versatility, and you will no doubt be equally seduced by the other features of this luxurious interior, making you find it hard to leave it.



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